Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in …

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NoThe first time you meet Markus he gives you a look that conveys he has been expecting something like that, but then he doesnt. The second time you meet him you can feel the same discomfort in his eyes. You dont know about the formerYou dont know about the former.

You dont botherYou close the article and head to the couch. You sigh and lean back in the couch, letting her do her work for a change. Theres something about her attitude that gets under your skin. Look, Im sorry that my article was so negative. I know how much work you put into it. I understand why youre so devoted to us. And while Im probably the only person here who really knows what its like to have feelings for a cat, I think my article was fair. It was more polite than many of the others weve seen. You roll over so you can get comfortable on the couch with her. You both lie back and fall asleep. The sun is rising over the city and you both emerge from your hotel room, dressed in your workout gear from yesterday. She smiles and blushes, before looking down at her gym clothes. I had fun, she says, reaching for her bag. The first few minutes are boring: you stare at the empty space between your feet, trying to memorize each muscle. The next few minutes are equally boring: you stare at the empty space between your eyes, trying to memorize each muscle. The two of you walk through the doors, and start walking together. The two of you walk towards the center of the gym, pausing once to stare at the empty space between your feet. A couple of women walk in, and they stand their ground, too. They walk away, leaving the two of you alone outside the gym.

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