Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder

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The problem is thats not: a thing, the problem is thats bee, bee, bee. On the subject of bees, I wonder if you could provide any information on whether or not any are causing the recent rash of bee stings. Your best bet is to get up off the couch and find your brother. Ve never been one for sleeping in, but you guess you could use the extra sleep in these trying times. D rather just sleep in and get home later. The sooner you get your ass in your own bed, the better. You head up the stairs and enter the master bedroom. T the only one who does that these days. S up, so he better be up for whatever it is you want him to do later tonight. You make your way over to your dresser and take out some of the old Tylenol in the refrigerator. You take a squirt and then start examining yourself. T always help you get to sleep anymore. T taken any tonight, which actually makes you feel a little better about yourself and you head back downstairs. When you get back upstairs, you see that your brother is on the phone with the girl asking her questions about him.

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