Beauty IS a Beast is the story of Princess Beauty …

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I know your mom looks at me everytime Im here. I KNOW YOUR MOTHERI know your mother looks at me. Sigh Im sorry baby, you dont deserve a mother anymore. Well if it makes you feel any better, it looks like Im already pregnant. Okay, alright, Im not as good-looking as you are or as smart as you think I am. I need you to make me feel good.

Show-CastHome You click Yes, then close the window. You decide to keep things the same as before. You click NoYou click No and close the window. You sit in your living room, with your laptop on your lap. You click on Candy Crush, and YouTube Kids to choose videos. You watch a couple more videos on YouTube Kids. Though you still cant stop thinking about Prince, you know youll lose your mind if you ever find out the truth on him, youll lose yourself You start to worry about her. For a moment, you just hope this is just a bad dream so you can sleep well. You sigh and sit in a chair, holding your knees to your chest. It is the first time you are truly going to have an opportunity to do something meaningful in awhile. Suddenly, you hear the click of the computers lid. The screen displays black letters, PIRATE 4 LIFE 2. Above the words is a large, black shield, with the number four in red. Above the shield are the words: THE BOSS IS YOUR FRIEND, AND HES YOUR BESTIE. A small, red x is present at the top right of the screen. Youre having a nightmare, just like you used to have all the time. You remember once, you were walking through the woods. When you heard a noise, but couldnt see anything. You cant see anything, but youre sure its something out there. You reach for your phone and check the map, hoping that whatever that sound was, would give you the location. You grab your phone and dial 911.

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