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You begin to hear a small noise from the right-hand side of your cockpit, which you assume is the exhaust of an engine. You do a quick scan of the room and find nothing out of the ordinary, so you start preparing for your descent to the surface. Hey, are you still feeling okay down here. I think this rooms starting to get a little warm. Time to start warming up the shuttle engines. You say opening up the left-side of the cockpit. You and Rose are seated at the front of the shuttle cabin. Youre currently using a chair as the backrest of the cockpit. The shuttle has a nice clean appearance to it, but not quite up to your standards. Its more of a white color than the grayish-blue colour you had in mind. Yeah, but I dont think well ever make it back here and this is going to be the last chance for you to get out of this place alive. I knew this place was going to be a bad idea, but if youre really determined to die there, I suppose I cant stop you. You keep fightingYou cant just sit on the side of the road like this, you need to do something about it. You know that you cant be on the surface for too much longer, and with luck, you can sneak around the side of this big metal door long enough to get out of this place. Ill start the engines up and well get moving before that big ass hole in the door closes. You then turn your head to listen out for any signs of an enemy or any other dangers that might be lurking around, only to see one out of the corner of your eye. You turn your head again and see something youve never seen before in your life. Rose looks a little startled by what you just said, but she doesnt seem to mind. What do you mean its not a rocket ship, its a fucking spaceship. Rose puts her hand over her mouth, as if she were suddenly afraid of what you might do next.

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