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The Rise of Iron takes precedence with Beauty in Destruction. Beauty in Destruction is the next step in your quest to reforge the Gjallarhorn in Destruction. This quest is acquired by completing a special Anomaly patrol mission in the Plaguelands. You say, seeing the two of them approaching with weapons drawn. We have a lot to tell you, they say, holding their arms out. Weve made several changes to the plans to optimize efficiency. Huh, Ive never heard about any changes. We cant really tell you, since we havent made the changes. They lead you into the workshop, and open up a door to reveal a room with several tables filled with various contraptions, tools, and gadgets. Weve still got the parts sitting right here, well be able to finish the construction in a few days, the man says, pulling out a wrench and a wrench. Wait, no Im not, the engineer class is supposed to have a wide range of ideas and skills. As such, were trying a few new things, in the hopes of gaining better efficiency for later. The engineer class needs to be efficient, so that we can focus on making. Oh, is this the new rocket launcher weve been hearing so much about. One of the dwarves says, pointing to a large, heavy-looking device with multiple parts hanging off of it. Its called a rocket sled, and its quite popular with engineers, as it allows for an easy way of transporting large amounts of materials and equipment. You havent seen the new model yet, though, right.

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