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D have to write a song with such a message that would be sung at a funeral, but maybe you need to start believing in this afterlife as well. S time to see if you can survive life in this place. You need to figure out a way to get this information out even if you are going to be a dead man at least for a little while. T believe you so you better try to find a way. You go back to your room to grab your new journal and some notes. Ll need to know where it is first before you can get to it. Re heading to a specific location first before you can plan your route. Re about to head to the library again, you see a couple of other students who look like they could be studying. You quickly run to find a way to conceal yourself and hide your journal. You hide in the most inconspicuous spot inside a large broken down section of wall near the floor. Ve been trying to memorize the location for weeks now.

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