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Beauty for You begin to scream and claw at the darkness, trying your best to stop your breathing. You want to scream but the pain from your wounds are too great to even think. Your whole body is feeling the effects of too much pain, and your mind is full of all the horrible things that you have done. You are not in control of yourself and it is only through sheer willpower that you are able to attempt to stop your own breathing, hoping that the pain will somehow stop. You are not sure how you feel about the idea of a man killing another for fun. The last time you saw a woman take a mans life, she did not go quietly. You were still young and thought killing people was the normal way of life, but your decision to kill a man today is not going to be your last. The thought that she could go out like that makes you want to cry a little. Perhaps she will end up looking at you like you look at her and you want to kill her as badly as she wants to kill you. The other thing you have to consider is your life as you know it was about to end and you could not handle that. Perhaps she will have changed your life forever, but maybe she will not. Maybe she wont even be here when your life ends. You may not know until the moment of your own death, but in the meantime you will take any offer you can for her. Klaus sits down and kisses the side of your mouth. Then he sits next to you and holds your hand. Ill make sure my family is taken care of. If you decide they are, Ill do what I can to make it up to them. I may not have won this night, but I will get my family. They deserve better than to suffer in poverty. My family deserves a better future than I did for them. I want your life and the life of my family.

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