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You visit one of your old hauntsIn the time since you left the city and spent some time wandering the wilderness, youve come to appreciate the little towns that line the roadsides. You spend a few days exploring the small town of Stensia. Once again, you meet with no trouble, but you are still bothered by the way the town is set up. In a corner of the city sits the Stensian Guildhall, an imposing building that has been home to many a veteran of the Empire. The guild is the center of industry here, with trades such as Tailor, Smith, Leatherworker, Jeweller, Plumber and Blacksmith also all having a place here. You wander the halls, looking at the works of art that fill it. Youre not sure why you like the place so much. Maybe its the murals or the old-timey clock that keeps time to a tee. You think of yourself as a somewhat artistic sort, and the paintings of the history of the Stensians is a fascinating sight to see. As you sit in the Guildhall and soak up the memories of those that have come before you, you bump into a familiar face in the corridor. Its JArel, as old as you are, and he looks a little sad. I thought I was pretty much the only one who had left the city. You said you were going to the wilderness, didnt you. Oh, I doubt very seriously that Im going to go wandering the wilderness or even the city. Its not like Ive ever been anywhere remotely resembling the wilderness before. You walk into JArels office, and find him and his wife sitting at a small table as they talk to each other. JArels wife begins to get up from the table, but he grabs a small cup from a nearby table and pours some for himself. Here, drink this and you wont be able to leave this room. Youll appreciate the great gift Im about to make use of, I am sure.

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