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Rosa and I agreed that wed probably go to the store at the next shopping center over where we lived. In fact, I was going to make up a story to explain to my parents that I had to go to the store to pick up some toilet paper, and my parents would be happy to hear that I tried my best to get to the store. There was a little bit of a drive, so it took us about an hour and a half. On the outside of the store was the name of the store, and the sign that indicated there was a beauty supply store inside, but on the inside of the store was a much different name. I had never seen a beauty exchange shop in person before, but I was pretty sure thats what it looked like and I wanted to find out if it was the place we needed to be. I walked inside, found a vacant chair, and sat down. I figured if there was another Beauty Exchange across the parking lot, we wouldnt get the chance for very long, so I figured I should get this out of the way now. The first thing the staff did was ask if we had the exact same items as the pictures on the store sign. I didnt have any fake eyeliner, foundation, or false lashes, but the rest was about the same as in the pictures. They were pretty happy to have the pictures taken of us, so I told them all the story Id told my mom a few days earlier. They gave us three bags, and then asked us if we wanted to put any of the stuff in one or put the rest in the other. I knew the one on the left would be the most valuable, so I told them Id take that one. I also said I was willing to switch out some of the makeup if they wanted. Um, so which one should we take. I asked, a bit perplexed that theyd just ask that question. They seemed a bit surprised to even be asking that question of us. You put the most valuable items in the left bagIm sure you know which one to put the most valuable items in. You put the most precious objects in the left bagI think we can go with that, because that should be the most valuable thing in our bag. Okay then, Ill see you both in a few minutes.

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