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Beauty is the descriptions of the physical perceptions of objects and of their individual ownership. Love is the only thing you ever feel truly good about. Its the only thing that you feel you can truly do right. When youre around someone, you feel safe, and when you feel safe, you can do a thousand times more than you otherwise could. You write Love on your armYou write a small, black, circular tattoo on your left forearm. Youre not sure if youve ever really seen it before. It probably would look even worse on the right arm, but in any event, with your wrist not having much space left on it, it doesnt bother you to keep it in your shirt, or anywhere else, for that matter. And its a good thing, because the end of the road is coming up fast. You keep drivingAs long as you have any kind of steering wheel or a physical stick and youre not going so fast you cant stop, youre going to keep heading into the hills. There isnt any reason to stay on the highway, because your chances of coming across another vehicle are extremely low. But theyre higher if you keep heading into the hills, and in a sense, thats a better choice because youre probably going to encounter a lot more hills that there would be going the other way. You drive for the next few hours very slowly. You keep an eye out for other cars, and you can tell youre getting closer and closer to the city. The hills, as youve come to expect, are on a higher plateau. You dont see any place else you think might be possible to drop off the road and continue on without risking hitting anything, but perhaps that could change if you came across a road block. Its been a long three hours since you dropped off your passengers, and youre getting tired. You can already see that the hills are a lot steeper than the highway and you would be completely incapable of driving on the highway. You begin to think about calling it a day and setting off towards the city on foot. You keep drivingYou stop your car again, not wanting to turn the car on, but you dont feel like getting out on the highway either. The last thing you want to do is continue on to the city and have to stop to pick up a couple of people.

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