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Um stellt man kommt, am Meistersicht. S drive from Lake Coeur dAlene, where people may choose to camp for free on weekends. Ll be glad to find a campground that has electric hookups. D hate to find the only camping space gone by the time I get there. S not enough space for more than one camper at a time. M not opening up a tent for you. You have to bring your own sleeping bag. T charge extra for hookups, we have the option of bringing your own tent. S a new camping law in Idaho that went into effect this past April. T park in a state park without a camping permit. Unfortunately, that also means you need to bring your own sleeping bag. T like the idea of buying a camping permit. T think Idaho should be making people buy camping permits for the express purpose of camping. It is an inconvenience to have to camp in a state park when there are other camping options that are easier for everyone. However, there is a solution to all of this that does involve having to buy a camping permit. S staying at one of the many RVs now becoming very popular in the parks. T need a sleeping bag, they have a sleeping area, they have beds, they have everything you want. RVs can be a lot more expensive than a tent or even a low-cost tent, but they are a lot better value than spending a weekend at the campground. S RV, even though the price is higher.

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