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You agree to their termsYour eyes catch. You close them wide, your teeth grind. You dont know if she can read your mind, You cant do this. I dont have to go, the woman says with a faint smile. I have been dying for hours and you dont do anything. I want you in a beautiful state of mind, the woman smiles. I am not turning this company over to anyone. You go into a silent rage and begin to scream and kick at the woman. Please, please, please, please, please, I cant go on. The woman takes you into her arms and begins to cry. Please, please, dont say bad things about myself. I cant do anything for you, but I will give you what you want. I give you my unconditional love, my life and my mind. She kisses you goodbye, and you take a deep breath. The first part of what Im going to discuss is the basic structure of a script. To understand how a scene is written, you have to understand what scenes are. A scene might be the same length as a scene, it might be shorter, it might be longer. There are only 20 scenes in a film, but you can have a variety of different sequences. In a TV series, you might have multiple scenes going on at the same time, and there are often several scenes that are unrelated to one another. There are also multiple scenes that are set in the same location at the same time. Scenes are the smallest unit of a film, and the same goes in TV. The most basic way to break a TV series down is to break it down into scenes and.

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