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All your time, energy, and money is going into this now. Your mother has been right the whole time. D never be able to compete in the beauty market. D be lucky to survive the competition in the hair salon business. Ve tried the same old shit that your mother tried when you were a kid. You need to go against your mother and her old ways.

The floors are covered with dust, the place is filthy and dirty. You feel claustrophobic and your body wants to get the hell out of here. It would seem all the excitement and action that you did not manage to take part in during the companys restructuring in the past years has already left. You hear music, laughter and other sounds of entertainment from the other side of one of the thick metal doors. It has been a while since you have been here, but it seems it is already time to leave. The music and laughter would be unbearable to you here. You have not experienced such a thing since your first day in the company. You want to stay for as long as you can, but your body is starting to sense the negative effects of the old atmosphere. The last time you had a nice lunch with your colleagues, and your company, was back in your very first week in the company. You decide that you are not really in a position to make any decisions right now. You walk out of the building, thinking about everything you have left to do. You leave the companyYou are not going to leave the company just because the company is in a good mood and the mood might not be good anymore. Why would you leave the company for no reason. You have seen everything, you have tasted everything, you have experienced everything in the company. You are tired of being a cog in the companys machine. Your life is not your own anymore. You are too tired to enjoy it anymore, you think. You go back inside the buildingYou decide to just keep yourself occupied in some way.

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