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This information comes from a report about an attempted cyber attack on the Beauty chain of beauty shops in Hamburg. The attack was supposedly attempted by a group calling themselves Citizen, or maybe it was another group calling itself Honeybadger Mafia, According to the report there were only two locations that apparently had their computers compromised, but the report fails to give any more details. The report also says that several websites were also compromised and a list of phone numbers, emails and postal addresses was released. The National Security Agency doesnt just keep tabs on your phone calls and texts. It can also monitor the contents of your personal life, apparently, all without you knowing. The agency collected millions of Americans phone records without a specific warrant, according to a top secret document seen by the Guardian and the Washington Post. The revelation means that the NSA has been holding on to a treasure trove of information on Americans and has been since the Bush administration ended its bulk collection of telephone metadata. This data had been gathered on millions of Americans without a warrant since the first days of the NSAs surveillance program, The Guardian reported. But its the details about the extent of the NSAs spying on American citizens that have raised eyebrows. According to the Post:The NSA and the FBI were given legal authority seven years ago to obtain a court order from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court instructing Verizon to turn over specific telephone lines that are relevant to an authorized investigation. However, its not clear from the previously undisclosed documents whether the NSA was able to use the court-authorized method for everyones phone records or just if it was limited to obtaining those of specific Americans. After the Guardian published the first revelations about the phone records programs in June, the White House defended the programs, saying that there was a reason why phone companies were required to keep records. On Thursday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the programs were subject to rigorous oversight by the intelligence committees in the House and Senate. These programs were reviewed by the Department of Justice, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Congress and a number of other government agencies before they were initiated, have been in place since 2007 and will continue to be used pursuant to court order, Carney said. There is one thing on the table: Congress could reauthorize the Verizon-NSA programs. However, its not a given that lawmakers would give the NSA that much leeway. President Obama has already threatened to veto such a renewal for the phone records program, citing the fact that it does not require the government to limit the scope of.

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