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You know you can make it rain by spending twenty bucks. You reach for the cash box on the counter and slip your twenty on the counter. You put your credit card through the slot and the cash register buzzes as it dispenses your money. You buy twenty dollars of beauty products. Maybe its the sun, maybe its the sun and maybe its both, but something in your soul had been longing for you to buy this. All your life youve been wearing sunscreen, but never used it. You think one day you may have had a sunburn, but you were too ashamed to get the hell out of the garage. You go in your bathroom and open your sunblock. Youre gonna be a fucking rock star and youre gonna spend ten grand. You look in the mirrors and grab a bottle of foundation. You buy five tubes of your best, and shove them in your bag. Youre going to go bare-faced like Cher, all right. Youre gonna wear a mask so no one can see your pores, but not your skin. You go to the beauty aisle and stare at all the products. All the products youve ever needed you have now at your fingertips. You need to go barefaced like Cher, but more than that. Youre going to make a lot of money if you go bare-faced like Cher. Youre going to live a life that no one will ever know. You grab your makeup, a tube of eyeliner, a tinted moisturizer and a little bit of your lip gloss. You grab a little dab of eyeliner and a little dab of lipstick, and a tube of foundation. You know everyone wants to be in a magazine when they go to the beach, so you gotta buy a lot of shit. You grab all that shit you can and shove it into your bag. You walk down the aisles like a rock star, until you find the sunblock. You buy a tube of sunblock and a tube of foundation, which you shove into your bag.

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