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And there you have that, one of the only good things about being trapped in here. You thought that this was so much worse than the last time you were stuck here. You press your back up against the wall and waitYou press your back up against the wall for a moment and look at it. You know all the time and trouble this place has brought upon you, but youve never even been here before. Its really bizarre to you; you dont think youve ever been this scared in your life. You get the oddest sinking feeling in your stomach. You know you cant stay here any longer, but youre so scared you dont know what to do. You runYou run as quickly as you can, over the edge, and straight down into the darkness. The wall doesnt move for all the running you do, but at last you make it, and just as youre about to touch the bottom, your eyes are caught by something in front of you. You take a step back, and as soon as you feel safe in doing so, you turn around and try to see it properly. This place just feels so strange with no walls to protect you or anything. And as you walk toward the edge, youre sure it is the end for you. You grab ita hand has grasped yoursand lift it as high as itll go. You say, looking down at the thing youve found. It is, however, made out of metal and not flesh, so it is still alive. Its just like the last time you found a doll, but this one. Its like this one too, although its in worse condition. And then you hear a rustling sound, and the lid is gently pushed in. The doll starts to open, and youre so shocked you lose your balance. You fallreally, you lose your balanceand then fall even more, and then you come to a sudden halt.

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