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In stockA weightless, full-coverage foundation in 40 shades that easily blends for a flawless finish and a Well thats not very flattering, is it. You deny it I dont think so, you say in a flat tone. Okay, okay, so thats not true, you say. You go to your desk and you take out the small package and give it to her. She sets down her bag and goes to get it. From: To: Re: My First Makeup Order. Ive made a good enough impression with your assistant that Id like to order my first makeup. I dont know what Im doing, but I think I need some to get me started. This is the first time Ive been given the opportunity to buy my own products, and I figure that I should take full advantage of it. I have included a few samples with my first order. Feel free to use as many or as little of them as youd like. Id really appreciate any ideas you have to help me. Ill be in my office here tomorrow to get my order ready. Sincerely, And with those words, you close the small package and give it back to her. Youre not going to tell me what exactly it is I have to do. Well, Ill think about it later, you say. You go home Ive done everything that I can, you say. Ive been here all day, so Im going home. As you get out of the elevator, you can hear your assistant shouting to you that everything has gone well.

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