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You log on to FacebookYou log on to Facebook but find that you cant access the site. You try looking for Kathy and find more traffic than usual and an error stating that the site was overloaded. You try another area, then another and the site is not working. You give up and wait for the site to be fixed. You wait for almost three hours and still no news about Kathy. You go to try Kathys location and see a message stating that Kathy is in the shower. You wait several hours and still nothing from Kathy. You check again her location but nothing has changed. You decide to get food from the local restaurant. You go to the local Burger King and wait for your food. You are in your car looking for Kathy and you just see the signs of a fight going on in the restaurant. You park your car and walk in hoping that she was already there. Nope, nothing except the sight of a few bloody bodies lying on the ground. You just saw it all go down in the parking lot. You start to walk back out and are almost there when you realize that you are getting hungry again. You see Kathy and a guy you didnt recognize coming from the back door of the restaurant. You go into the kitchen where you see a large window facing out into the parking lot. You screamYou run for the back door of the restaurant and jump out the window. You get a good view of the parking lot and see Kathys car. You run over to it and try to grab the handle but your arms are numb from being run over in the parking lot. Kathy isnt dead yet but she isnt moving. You keep going until a man comes out of the building with a shotgun. You feel him pull the shotgun out of your hands. You go running to KathyYou run around the back of the restaurant and try to catch the mans attention. He turns around and points the shotgun at you. You fall and feel the pain in your legs. As you crawl out the door the man is about to fire the shotgun and you know that you need to get out of here without anyone getting killed. You crawl around the front of the building and try to run past the man. You reach the street and you start to look around hoping you are still in the location. You see a cab driving away with one of the guys in.

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