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I was just about ready to pack up my car and move, but you have made me re-think that. Your service, and the reviews you get here, is the best. Very good to be in the midst of my new life at the Beauty Bar, in fact I cant wait to tell my new friends about it. -BobbyBy: BobThank you for making me feel like I was home. I will be coming back and I will tell my friends about you. -SusanBy: Chrisi just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give me an answer when i called you and the first two reviews of Beauty Bar New York were very kind and made me feel in-the-moment like I was a part of that experience. I had a wonderful time and I will try the others things you had on the menu. -GerryBy: RobertI just finished my weekend of visiting the Beauty Bar. I would like to thank you for everything and cant wait until I can come back. I will try everything on your menu, and many of your other dishes, that was recommended to me. -NathanielBy: JamesWell, i had a great time yesterday, we had dancing and music and i really liked the place, it was nice. I will try all the other things you have on your menu and i will tell everyone about your place. I am looking forward to this next dance party. And thank you so much for your help. I enjoyed it so much, I will have to tell everyone I know about Beauty Bar. LindaBy: PatriciaThank you for making me feel like I was home and for the food. My father and I will be telling everyone about Beauty Bar. -GerryBy: CharlesHi,I just wanted to let you, know that I had fun at the Beauty Bar.

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