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S not like you need a reason to do it. S not like it would be any good to stay up there anyway. So you get your stuff, make your way out of the building and head back home. S bedroom before, you know she has one if she has one anywhere. You just assume that she went to her room since there is her room right up the street from where the apartment building is located. You go through your routine of getting ready and getting ready to go to sleep at about the same time that you hear a noise on the street. S Emily standing nearby the building looking out the window. You both start jostling each other a bit and then eventually go inside your home and you sit on the couch and watch a show on TV while Emily sits on the living room couch. I went to school and then at dinner, my mom made me a super duper delicious lasagna with all the ingredients. I think my stomach just exploded with happiness. T think that I would be able to, but I guess we met up at the park. S more talkative than your mom though. S a lot more talkative than me. M sort of all over the place myself. T really run into anyone that I know IRL that I really get along with at all lately. T really like those people anyway. Well if you think about it, you could run into them at the park. Maybe, but they can just be like any other normal person.

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