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Now, in your case, this is just a small mistake, nothing more. However if it is, it is of the devil, and I suggest that you get it fixed right away. We have enough work to do, I have no time to deal with such things. It is not only your good name that is at stake, but the future of the Blood Legion. And the rest of your kind, you are all as much kin to the Empire as we are. After all I am just another of the countless Eternals under my command. I have seen the Empire rise from the ashes, and the Empire will rise again. I am just doing my duty, and it has been for millennia. I only hope that when the day comes to die, I will serve the Empire with honor. You continue to the castleYou climb the winding stairs to the castle. You dont see any problems with that plan. You are in charge, as always, in the company of your friend. The two of you walk with light footsteps, trying to avoid the foot traffic of the city. You continue to the castleYou continue to the castle with the heavy footsteps, like a soldier on guard duty. You walk with Hlennsdorf to the castle, and finally you reach the open gates. He notices that the guards are gone, probably sent to fight the demons. Hlennsdorf stops a few paces away from the gates, frowning. He steps forward carefully, preparing for a surprise attack. You wait a minuteYou wait for a moment, and then stand silent, waiting for the demon guards to come back. You continue to the castleYou walk forward slowly, looking through the gates. You see a small group of about fifty humans trying to enter the castle. You notice that they are all armed with swords, spears, hand bows, and everything else that seems suitable for a defense. You wait for a moment, but the demons do not return. You step out of sightYou move silently with heavy steps, trying to avoid detection. You are not sure if you heard about the other demons coming, or not. Maybe the guards were in your company, or at least one of them. Perhaps the demons didnt make it too far, and.

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