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He came up with the idea of a Briefcase – Video Artists – Film Cast for the film A New Artists A Films 2009 He is also a Movie fan. Him coming up with a proposal to Kevin was an Interesting observation, Kevin. Ive just been meaning to get around to watching the first one. You watch the filmYour eyes are still glued to the screen when you walk into the door. There you guys are, everyone sitting on the floor or on the couch, Kevin says. The last time you were here, Kevin was really grumpy. I thought people were supposed to be sitting up, you say. Oh, you werent aware, and thats probably why you missed so much, he says. I thought it was about to be released last weekend, but I guess not everyone was able to see the movie when it first came out. I didnt think people would go to see it twice. You look up at the ceiling and feel self-conscious. Here, can you just take one of those boxes and move that couch over here. He says, moving the couch back so you can get a better view of the film.

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