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We also did the first ever Sex and the Beta. We discuss various topics related to sex including: STDs, contraceptives, sex toys, porn, BDSM, how to say nostop, and everything else. Plus, we talk about our favourite, and least favourite, fetishes kinks. We also did the first ever Sex and the Beta. We also discuss our lives here on the Internet, what games we play, and other topics. Puns that make no sense, and are just there to keep you engaged, So if you have ever wanted to hear from a bunch of guys who think they are funny, talking about games, and generally having fun with one another, then youve come to the right place. Its not like were some serious blog where we go in-depth about everything. We just talk about random shit that might be on your mind. Sex and the BetaWeekly Video Preview of The Beta Episode. Come join us as we talk about games and life in our sexy gamer podcast. Episode 6: How to Talk to Women and Get LaidWe discuss the art of conversation and how to get laid. Episode 4: The Art of Self DefenseSelf defense is a hot topic. We talk about what you should and shouldnt do. Episode 3: What to Do with Your TimeTime management is a topic we cover. Episode 2: The Art of FlirtingFlirting is a hot topic. 1: The Sex and the Beta ShowThe Sex and the Beta Show is hosted by Matt Christiansen and Blair White. They have one of the hottest shows ever on TBB, every Monday night at.

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