Beauty and the bees

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You say picking at the back of your throat. Re gonna love your new home. Thank you anyway for getting us in this situation in the first place. You think about calling out to him, but decide against it. S gesture of offering a handkerchief out of courtesy only adds to your discomfort. Re the best innkeeper one can hope to find in this town. The best innkeepers are the ones who are patient and understanding of customers and their times. We must make the best of a tight situation. You both reach into purses and pull out your passports and you both exit. And thank you again for saving my life. You say and then head out the door. You make it out of the city in no time at all now. You see more of the outskirts of the city, but you see no sign of an inn that can accommodate you. Some towns along the river are beginning to have more than one inn with all the travelers that are heading north. T possibly stay here for the night, not after the horrors they saw. D rather just get them out of the city and back home as soon as possible. It is with this thought in mind that you turn off your map and start to wander further afield. As you continue to wander, you begin to realize that the town you.

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