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You might even say that theyre rather boring. Maybe thats because youre not exactly interested in reading the first fifteen chapters. You want to see what happens if the situation turns out worse than just being mauled by a pack of hungry animals. You continueYou didnt think about it, but when you put your head against the wall, you notice that your nose feels a little scratchy. This is due to how close you were to the wall, and how close you were to the ground. With your hands and arms fully extended, youve still got room to get away from this situation, but you might not be so lucky next time. You still cant see very well due to the dust and dirt covering everything, but you can see a few of the beasts that are attacking your back. Even though theyre not very big or aggressive, you can see them a lot more clearly than the manticore. M putting my head against a wall of any kind. You take a deep breath before continuing. You turn your head to the side to take in as much of the outside world as you can. T help but focus on just hearing the sounds of the beasts and their howls. S about all you can make out. And as you continue to focus, those same beasts manage to get within striking range of you. Ve just fallen off the edge of a cliff and everything is black to you. A few moments later, a few of the beasts stop howling and start making some kind of kind of howl. S a high pitched one at first, and then it gets higher pitches.

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