Beauty and the beast prologue

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As the camera pans from the door of the house to the silhouette of Beauty, Walts face momentarily appears on screen. Walt Disneys face is framed by the dark screen and his eyes are closed. THE END The movie opens on a scene with the camera looking down from a high point, revealing a window above a street. The camera moves downward until it is looking down at an open door in the night. Opening your eyes you are slowly standing up, before the camera moves away from you and down to where the camera is still looking down at you. You are still wearing your sleeping clothes. Looking around, you are in the middle of a darkened street, with the moonlight reflecting off the blacktop. There is a small mailbox, which contains a single letter on top. Wolfram,Thank you for your letter,It has been a long time since I received one and I am sorry that I did not reply. I am indeed pleased that you are doing well, however I know the time has not been kind to you. I have been busy but I am now starting to enjoy myself again and enjoy the world again. One time you asked me if I would like to be your assistant but I had decided not to go into this line of work again. I must say that it was not an easy decision, but I thought I had to make a new start and to not go back to the way I was. I am sorry that I have not been able to reply with words and that I have to say that your letter meant a lot to me. Sincerely,Your assistant,Groucho MarxThe movie cuts back to you and the letter inside the mailbox, where you see the closing of the door. You can hear the sound of a car driving away, which you take as a sign that the movie is over. You continueStill in darkness, you realize that you are no longer in the street, but at the edge of a large forest. Your eyes adjust, and you recognize yourself and the scene in front of you. You are in the front room of one of your houses. The sun is still out, but you can make out your front door, which has a sign on it that says Open all Day. Looking around you, you see your living room which has a couch, a TV and a.

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