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The European Union, EU, is now in complete and utter chaos as far as the US is concerned. The EU has been taken over by a bunch of communist thugs and the US has effectively gone back to the days where the US had military bases all over the world. The latest crisis arose when the European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker said that all EU citizens would have to carry a national health insurance card to buy most goods and services in the EU. This would mean that if you go to buy a bottle of water, it would cost you more in the EU than anywhere else in the US. The EU has become a dictatorship and the government of EU does not care about you if you are a German or a French-Italian. They just care about themselves and they are very concerned that the British will not stay in the EU. It would become a dumping ground for most of Europes products and goods. You can imagine that if you need a new car, you would be paying more and paying more for things in the EU than you would in the US. This would mean that we would have to lower our standards and probably lower our wages and prices. Or should we just get past this and focus on creating jobs for today and the years to come. NoThe EU is an institution that has not created a single American job in more than 15 years. Even with all the free trade deals that the EU has, the US economy has still grown faster than the EU. You just cant force Europeans to have health insurance when they do not want it. The US has lost a lot of its manufacturing base to other countries like China, but we have also lost a lot of our manufacturing jobs to foreigners as well. We should be focusing on finding good jobs for Americans instead of trying to force people to do things they dont want to do. The US is not going to be a dumping ground for EU products. If the US wanted to, it could easily make all of its own cars, build everything in the US, have a high-tech manufacturing base and not have to pay high prices. This is the kind of mindset that is going to harm the US economy. We are starting to get to a point where it is just hard enough to find jobs that pay a living wage, but we are now going to put up with some ridiculous ideas from the EU. If you support this idea, please sign this petition.

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