Beauty And The Beast – Engraved Hand Cranked Wooden Beauty …

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Handmade Handmade Merry-Go-Round Music Chest Hand-Crank Music Box Silent Night. Silent Silent Music Chest Music Box.

Do you want to take this outside or not. Sure, but Ill just leave it here, you say. I keep saying no, but I dont know why, you say, closing your eyes against his stare until he releases you. For the first time since your visit to his apartment, you feel a little self-conscious about your nakedness. Im sure Ill meet someone in no time, he says. Uh, if Im supposed to be back at half-past six I really cant, you say. Its alright, he says, putting away his music box. Thanks for the offer, but youre really the only one I need to see for now, You stand, opening the door and heading out. You open the door to your room and find it empty. At first you think its someone else, but no.

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