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Mov,Theres a small problem with this one: beast is really a French word, or at least a very common one and it means any large mammal. When people think of beast, they often think of a big, wild animal with a ferocious temperament, like a bear or a wolf, and, yes, this particular film does have a couple of those. So we know that in this case, beast is a perfectly good French word for monster that wouldnt make the translation into any other language. The official English word is monster, and theres no such thing as a monstrous man. And, yes, a man can become a woman, but not an animal. This is an issue that has come up in the past when trying to determine what the source material is. This definition was first used in a letter to the editor in The Lancet in 1896 by the Reverend Samuel Stukeley, a British scientist:The term monster is perhaps not quite appropriate, because a monster has not been endowed with an animal-like soul. The term is, as you suggest, a misnomer for one who is grotesquely built, with a monstrous face, and who is a mass of inanities and repetitions of actions. Weve all met an animal thats got a hideously misshapen face, and, yeah, it kinda looks like something out of a horror movie, but that doesnt make the creature a monster. In the end, whatever the real definition is, it doesnt seem to change a whole lot of things, and, frankly, it doesnt really matter. If The Beast is a mythical beast, then its probably going to remain a myth. If its real, then its a pretty cool idea thats worth exploring. The next day, you make the rounds at the police station to confirm the identities of the victims, and check up on the other people you left behind when you first moved in. You cant believe you didnt realize it before, but you never did much on a regular basis in the past, and now that you do, it seems kind of odd. And with that, you finally arrive at your next destination:Hello, Mr. Theres a slight tinge of fatigue on her voice, but its the right tone, and she pauses slightly to acknowledge your presence. I have to admit it, well be making our way over to the station to confirm your identities and report your last known.

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