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Walt Disney Feature Animation – 2156, 6,09,10, Walt Disney Company. For the record, Ive been calling this a budding relationship the entire time. You start out with a few words of encouragement. Please dont be afraid to ask me anything, and I assure you there will be no consequences if we are successful. I think we can go for a walk sometime. Ill be sure to tell her, dont worry about me this time. Maybe I can help you with something later, but right now I have other things on my mind. Paige looks at you a bit apprehensively as she takes your hand and stares at you intently with her wide green eyes. More than anything I think Ive ever known you. The words are said with a gentle yet commanding tone. After your final statement of yes you turn away from Paige and head to the door, not saying another word. You stand outside the kitchen for a moment, pondering your actions. Youre pretty sure Paige just got you, but if she likes you then you could go back to her and change your mind. While youre thinking about this you hear the sound of footsteps behind you. You turn around and see Paige standing there holding a shopping bag full of apples. Theyre really good for you, dont you know. The apple bags seem to be filled to the brim with the green fruit. Even if she knows you are in love with her and not in a sexual way, just being with her now makes you feel very good. Paige leads you inside, to the kitchen, and you are greeted in the most pleasant manner by the two of you. Thank you so much for having me. Paige then goes to feed you several apples in one sitting.

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