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Your vote: None of the original cast participates in the dub of the film. The United States government will not stop collecting information about its citizens online activities but will instead focus its energies on more vital crimes. The new federal guidelines will allow the US Marshals Service to continue its role of taking civil actions to freeze or seize all assets of those that it determines, through no fault of their own, to be involved in criminal activity on the Internet, including those who post criminal content on the site Megaupload. The site was shut down earlier this year by US authorities because it was allegedly used to distribute copyrighted material. The new rules also give the US Marshals Service the authority to shut down the accounts of those they find to be violating federal or state online gambling laws. The new policy is only the latest attempt by the US government to control the Internets role in the public discussion of social and political issues. The Federal Communications Commissions Net Neutrality rules attempted to prevent Internet service providers from blocking certain web content, and the Justice Department has been trying to shut down the website of anti-government militants the Posse Comitatus. Under the new guidelines released today, the US Marshals Service will be granted the ability to seize property including cash, cars and home equity loans in cases, where probable cause exists that the individual has committed a crime involving fraud, theft, or forgery. The Marshals Service will also be given more authority than the previous guidelines to pursue civil actions to freeze or seize assets. The new policy is a good start in giving the federal government more direct ways to go after financial fraudsters, said EFF Staff Attorney Nate Cardozo. But the government should be working with the private sector and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that the Internet is not a place where terrorists and criminals can operate. Last year the Internet Association, a trade group representing major Internet companies including Google, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter itself, Yahoo and Microsoft, filed a brief in the case of Megaupload demanding a stay of the US District Courts ruling on the companys civil forfeiture case. EFF Senior Staff Attorney Hanni Fakhoury added, The governments policy of treating Americans virtual property as if it were real may soon expand to affect the virtual property of their real-world counterparts. Electronic Fund Transfer Reporting SystemNational Policy on Cyber Crime Coordination, NPCC, Policy Guidance: Civil ForfeitureU. Department of JusticeNational Institute of JusticeCivil Forfeiture Policy and Procedures.

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