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You also have the option to add a custom cover. You dont add a custom coverNah, its pretty uninteresting, and besides, you did this once with the game itself and everything worked out all right, so youre not going to repeat the exercise with the cover. You click to continueChapter 3 – The BeastThe streets are alive with shouts of joy and the clomping of hooves as dozens of ponies rush towards their new found happiness. You see a unicorn stallion break down into tears as he clambers up on top of a cart, a group of blue earth ponies cry out for their parents while other ponies clamber over the railings to watch the spectacle. Your gaze wanders to a black unicorn mare by the name of Princess Luna. She stands near a group of children with a stern scolding tone while the rest of her retinue remains far away. Her sharp horn is still perfectly polished and her mane is now a deep violet, but despite everything that was said about her over the years, she is still as beautiful as ever. After several minutes pass and the ponies start to thin, you decide to take a look around. Unfortunately, the whole crowd is moving in the direction of the castle. You dont have time for this, there is work to do so leave the place now. Your hoof catches a pebble as you walk and your leg is cut along with your flesh. You look around for help, but the forest is all around you, and the beast you once knew has left you. The pain floods through you as your body and mind reject your inner monster. You lie down on the ground and sob into your dead leg until your eyesight goes completely dark. The forest around you appears to be much larger than you remember. You look around and try to remember what you were doing the last time you were in this forest. The only thing you can think of is going for one of the many napping spots while you were out one time, but you cant remember if you even succeeded. Still, you arent quite done with your adventures yet. Something else catches your eye, a huge rock formation in the middle of the forest. You no, this is the Rock of CenotaphThe Rock of Cenotaph. You walk towards the big rock formation, but as you get closer, you realize that the rock is missing a sizable chunk of it.

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