Beauty and the Beast is an American fantasy-drama …

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You can join the Wolf ClanYou can join the Wolf Clan, because why not. You had to do it once before in your past, and you can again. Even if theyre evil, you think theyre cute. You would be willing to take on the family name of the House of Grey and Gray and give it to your children. When you get to the door, you can hear laughter from outside. You quickly open it up and see the wolf woman who is holding a little baby. She hugs you tightly, and it is pretty obvious she is the mother of the baby. You hug back and give her a kiss on the cheek. Im glad Im not the only one you like. The baby doesnt cry out as it is not yet a bit, but you are pretty sure you can sense it feeling the closeness. T had any babies in a long time. S on his way home from the war, he was having problems with something, but things are going better as of recently. I was sort of waiting around to see if you were still happy before I brought you here, but you were already with a man. Ll get to know one another soon. S going to bring her back to me. T say anything, you just go inside and close the door. Oh I knew you were a sucker for a woman with no arms. You never say anything to this woman who is also holding the baby. T even notice the man that is walking up to you.

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