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AfterwardsPotts looked at his friendThe ugly Beastand askedWho is the little Beauty. You need to get it backWith a deep sighPotts turned and left. The next night, you heard him talking to his friend over the fire;Boy. Ive taken the Beast and Ill let him go. You just have to find some place where he can get clothes. Oh, well, theres the other part of my plan. You see, Ive got another book written. Ive written about two Princesses whove had a baby. Ill give you that book if you find the Prince and bring him back here. Ill give you all his stuff, I promise you that. As you read the story, you learn a little bit more about the Prince, but not enough to really make up your mind whether hes a friend or an enemy. He certainly doesnt seem like the prince you remember. Youve read all the stories until you cant read any more. You continueYouve learned enough to be suspicious of the Prince. Of course thats not enough to make you a true believer yet. You still havent figured out exactly what the Prince wants. You go into the kitchen and find a woman at work there.

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