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Ve seen this documentary about this horrible thing that happened to my cousin, but he had two dogs that he loved more than anything else in this world. S kind of hard to describe the feelings that one has for a dog. Anyway, the movie is about how a woman named Cora, who was a lonely older woman, adopted the dogs and got them into shape. Over time the dogs got bolder and vicious and Cora began to feel lonely. T want to let go of her beloveds, as she thought that it was their time to shine. And then, one day Beauty and the Beast got into a tug-of-war match, killing every other competitor before they did. S feeling particularly secure right now being the only one who can hear him complaining. S face, but then you shake your head and sigh. S never left this house in her entire life. S even been anywhere near New York City. Her and her whole world were up in New England.

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