Beauty and the Beast is a musical with music by Alan …

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It was a joy to see the original cast performing their best in the roles they have been given. It was especially fun to see them dance in this production. You even got the opportunity to take a photo with the whole cast. You look forward to seeing you all again soon. Love,Your Friend,AnnaYou were definitely in a good mood during your date with Jasmine. However, as you were driving through a suburb the next day, the mood fell a bit, and you found yourself getting gloomy. You decided you had to be alone to sort ones thoughts out. As you drove home, you remembered that you still owed Jasmine a bottle of whiskey. You choose to leave your whiskey at the barYou left the whiskey at the bar and went to Jasmines house. You were sad to leave her, and you were sad to leave the bottle of whiskey. You walked down to her door and knocked, but she was not there. You knocked several more times, but you did not get an answer. You began to think Jasmine might be in the backyard somewhere. You decided to go to your car and get your pistol so that you had something to defend yourself with when you returned. You decided to open the car door and hope that Jasmine was in there somewhere. You get out of the carYou opened the car door and jumped out of the car. You were still thinking about the bad mood you had when you left Jasmine, and now your mood was going from bad to worse. You ran home and went upstairs to your room. You closed the door and then you heard a noise downstairs. Perhaps Jasmine was away and had not returned and perhaps she had been in the backyard. You then went down the stairs and opened your bedroom door. You could hear someone upstairs, but it was not Jasmine. You could also hear another noise upstairs, a.

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