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Orientation:Beauty and the Beast Disney, the Disney version of The Sleeping Beauty, is considered by many to be one of the best Disney movies of all time and that probably doesnt make any sense until you see it. Ve young girl who meets an ogre named the Beast, a character thats a lot more frightening than the fairy tale hes based on. Once the Beast is in the castle, he tries to make Belle fall in love with him so that he can turn her into his bride. The only thing is, Belle isnt into guys that dont want to have sex with them afterwards. Its a pretty scary movie but its still pretty adorable. Its also one of the only Disney movies that doesnt show a giant, ugly bug monster as the villain and instead a completely adorable animal. Belle is the main character, but its also about love. And if youre not familiar with the tale, its basically about a fairy tale like young woman who finds out shes pretty and wants to be taken to a fairy tale like land only to find out that the land isnt real. The Beast is the ruler and he forces her to kiss him to let her fall in love. She refuses so he makes her a deal. If she doesnt fall in love with him, hell do real ugly things to her that she has to bear with him. But what if you could turn away from the Beast, from the beautiful, but ultimately evil fairy tale land that threatens to break the heart of anyone whod think about breaking the heart of a girl, to reality and.

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