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T even remember much of what happened after you woke up inside the hotel room. However, you do remember that there were a lot of people in the living room and it had been completely filled with smoke. You saw a few bloody, beaten bodies and that the whole room had burned down to the point where you could hardly see straight. Most of the people who were in the room when you woke up were burned beyond recognition, like charred skeletons. Re still not fully certain of what happened to your friend, but you do know that he was found in the lobby in a pool of blood. Re trying to get your head around what the hell happened earlier today. You were on the upper floor of the hotel, near the roof, when you suddenly heard the glass doors slam shut, you thought it was just a normal hotel door until one of the security guards told you it was shut completely shut. T really sick or in any sort of shock or anything, but you felt a little different than you normally do when something like this happens. T like you felt nervous or anxious, just a little strange. You just walked through the hotel without much of an issue, but then the sounds of gunfire soon started coming from your left and right. S roof to investigate and the sounds of gunfire eventually died down. In time the soldiers were able to get some sort of good description of where the gunfire was coming from, the area, when and why. Ll tell you what, could you go find my friend. S more than enough reason to go help him. You say while still pondering your potential motives. Ll have to wait to get this all out of the way, but I swear I.

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