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Belle and Maurice fight at first, but they end up getting married. Maurice dies in the arms, of Belle, with Belle in a tearful embrace. RAW Paste DataBelle : I just wanted to say thanks for saving me once before in this story. Im your princess now, you know. Sigh, Look, I dont have any siblings or a boyfriend or. Sigh, But the rest dont exist, theyre all just imagined to make my pain less. No matter how hard I try, I cant stop it. Sigh, I tried to run away, Sigh, and hide, Sigh, but they all caught me. Sigh, I knew I was doomed, Sigh, and I couldnt run. Sigh Sigh, I wanted to get the hell out of this place before they found me, Sigh, You were the first one to help me, Sigh, I had no idea you were a. Sigh Sigh, Look, just leave me. Leave me and go live with someone else. I just want you out of my head. Sigh, I wish I could run away forever. I just want this pain to just go away. Sigh, So many plans to carry out. Sigh, I hate myself for all the times I hurt you. Sigh, I thought we were meant for each other. Sigh Sigh, Look, Ill do anything. Just help me escape and Ill do. Sigh Sigh, Why cant I live out.

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