Beauty and the Beast is the soundtrack album to the 2017 film …

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I believe it, it, was good when it It I could listen to it overand over. Wait did you just hear a noise. Re just going to have to make a new start. Ll be easier to get to home after the road has been cleared. You see the wreckage of your car and run forward, but your legs are so tired from not enough sleep. As you stumble along to get back home. Re blown into the air by the force of the impact, cracking your head on the pavement and knocking you flat. Your last memory of this world is someone slamming a door in your face. You head up the stairs, which are made of stone, but give way readily to the pressure of your passage, causing you to sink to the ground floor. Even from your position, you can hear the sound of something shuffling behind you. Re about to take a peek, you feel a hand clench around your wrist and shove you into the darkness of the basement. S, or perhaps beside themselves, and the silence is broken once more by the thumping of your heart. S eyes flick open behind you.

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