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SearchFiled under: Best Animated Features Tagged: Best Beauty And The Beast Gifs The number of hate crime incidents are up nationwide in 2017 but the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks them, says its the first time since the days of the old Klan that there have been an uptick in bias incidents. The SPLC released a report on hate crimes in the wake of the election on Tuesday, one day after President-elect Donald Trump called on supporters at a rally in Michigan not to engage in violent counter protests. The SPLC released its annual Year In Hate and Extremism report, which it began tracking in 2007. For many years the report has been published two years after the hate crimes occurred. The SPLC found that the number of hate crimes increased nationwide in 2017, with a rise in attacks on Jewish facilities and other religious groups and an uptick in violence against African-Americans. The SPLC defines a hate crime as an offense motivated in whole or in part by an offenders bias against a race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, national origin or ancestry. The organization said its new tally of incidents includes the 2,085 hate crime incidents reported to our intelligence and security centers but that it excludes assaults on police officers and reports of hate crimes that may have gone unreported. The SPLC added that an additional 1,044 cases of hate crimes went unreported to law enforcement in 2015, so the true number may be higher. Is higher than the 1,013 incidents reported in 2016 and about the same as the 996 incidents reported in 2015. But that increase isnt a good reflection on the country, said Heidi Beirich, director of the SPLCs Intelligence Project. The reason that we have more incidents in 2017 than last year is because of political rhetoric and actions that have taken place, Beirich said. There is definitely an increase in bias in this country and the election of President Trump is not helping. She said the fact that the number of incidents overall is higher than the previous year doesnt mean that more Americans are being targeted or that the country is on a whole new level of anti-Semitism. She said that while the 2016 election was a catalyst for many of the incidents, not all hate crimes were motivated by that, and that some may have been motivated by a sense of frustration about the direction of the country. Some of the increases in hate crime reporting this year were in Oregon, which saw an increase from two in 2016. The Portland Police Bureau said its hate crime unit received 18 reports from the community as of Nov.

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