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She pulls out a small silver disc and shows you. The disc is large, covered with silver, and emblazoned with a logo with a red-and-black dog. The disc sits on top of a small table, near a large black candle. On the disc is a picture of a woman wearing a black dress and holding a small silver disc. The woman bears a striking resemblance to the real-life film actress who portrayed the films heroine. On the left side of the disc is a label with the name: Beauty and the Beast. You dont see anything, youll see laterYoure not going to tell me whats on this disc, are you. Look, why dont you just pop it into the machine over by the computer. You watch as Fiona picks up the disc, sets it down on the table, then heads for the door. Look, were not going to the other films, you say, trying to remain calm. Its a short film that tells the story of a little girl and a brave little beast. This movie would be completely pointless to see again if this isnt working. You should have just handed it to Fiona before. Fiona heads over to the door, leaving you standing on the couch, with the silver disc in hand, staring out the window. No, well try a different one, you say. Your hands shake and you dont have enough energy to open the door when Fiona grabs it around the top and opens it for you. The door opens with a whoosh as you step inside. The room is dark, and the only light comes from a candle near the wall, which you turn off and place beside the door as you move to the chair. You sit in the chair, while Fiona stands before you. Shes wearing a pale blue dress with a lace trim that reaches her mid-thigh. With each step she takes, the dress pulls tighter across her body.

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