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GingerG GingerGPS: I was the most hated person in the world today because I am writing about you. Youve gone and done it in such a way that makes no sense for a man your age, you know that. I didnt think you were even capable of it. But I thought, given how much attention you pay to a game that could be considered a form of art, that you might be able to understand the symbolism behind any work of art. Not to mention all the time you spend in that comic book store of yours, I mean what the hell were you doing besides browsing and spending money on the latest comic book. I dont know, just something to make my day better. I dunno I was just really hoping for something good. Maybe if I had looked a little harder I couldve found it there. Ill buy something I know shell like. You know where it is, and you arent going to ask him again. The comic shop, which is the first thing you see upon waking up. The second thing you see is Evan asleep in the doorway. You walk in and see that hes dressed in pajamas. I was asleep first, so I was dreaming about it last night. You should be wearing something more appropriate. Evan sighs, and he walks over to a chair. You go to the comic store and as you walk, you notice the sign above the door. Come in and browse our selection of new and used material. The comic shop is very old-fashioned, with lots of comics and a row of comic racks holding some of the newer material. There are some old, out of date comic books on display, but there are also some that you cant find anywhere else in town. You check the section dedicated to horror and fantasy comics and find a large selection. There are also a few horror stories to make you.

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