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You say My love is greater than yoursYou turn to face Beauty, you raise your right arm and gesture that she listen very carefully. Your love is greater than the love of any woman. Then how did you love my brother so much that your love overshadows mine in your eyes. I loved him because he was a beast, and beasts are meant for battle. Beauty, are you still loyal to your brother. Im not going to lie to you, my brother is a monster. You say My love is greater to meMy love is greater to meIs that why youre loyal to him, to see your love overshadows his. Beauty, your love must eclipse every other thing in your life, for him to see you superior. But, my love for you will never be greater than that. Beauty, youre going to love me, and your love will always be greater than mine. You exit the room with a smile and a kiss, Beauty follows your lead, she smiles at you and continues walking until you reach the door. Beauty stares at you, her pupils grow large and her bloodshot eyes look around. You raise your left hand up into the air and say Yes, my loveYes, it is indeed true, it is true to who I am. You replyBeauty, youre full of shit, youre lying, youre a fool. She says, closing her eyes and nodding her head. Beauty, Im the most beautiful creature in the world, what makes you think that I wouldnt go after you, your brother, your boyfriend or anyone else that has ever belonged to you. No, Im not going to go crawling off to some prince for a chance to be with him, but there is someone here who respects and loves me, theyre my brother and youve got a lot of love to offer. So you dont doubt that I wouldnt go for you, you dont doubt that Im worthy of it, and youll never ever question me. Well, I suppose youre right, but I dont believe that you do and I wont be that girl, Ill go to any other.

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