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AgatheAgathe the Enchantress is a villager that makes appearances in everypony story. OrgwikiAgathe, film, Agathe the Enchantress, is a minor character from the live-action film adaptation of the fantasy novel Beauty and the Beast. Agathe is a young woman who has some hidden magical ability, but she is never seen using her power. Agathe often warns her neighbours about the beast, but she does not believe that they will be able to stop it. Oh, no, my dear child, you were always so innocent. Agathe the Enchantress, the Enchantress of Beauty and the Beast, sings. Agathe the Enchantress, an enchantress who has lived in the village of Fierna since before the days of the beast, but she is known as a local peasant. Agathes life changed forever when the beast appeared. She knows what the Beast wants and she wont let anyone stop it. Agathe the Enchantress makes an appearance twice in this film, once when Belle and her father leave town and again when the Beast makes his full invasion to the village. After Belles father is killed, Agathe the Enchantress sings a song in her lament to the villagers, though she thinks that it is to warn her not to help the Beast even if they did want to. When Belle and the Beast enter the village, both girls are shocked by their appearance and Agathe the Enchantress begins singing a song. The villagers believe that she is a witch and attack the Beast, but Belle distracts the villagers with her song. They are surprised that the Beast came to the village at all. Well, well, well, the fair sexs here. Youd think youd be ready for a surprise attack, but no, the villagers are still too scared to help. The villagers believe that the Enchantress must be a witch and are trying to find her, but Belle and the Beast fight them off and reassure the villagers that the Beast will bring happiness to Fierna. Agathe the Enchantress is thrilled with the news and gives Belle a kiss on the cheek. The village is safe now, you have my gratitude. Agathe the Enchantress has only a brief song when the Beast and Belle are captured, but she is delighted when the Beast is killed.

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