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Dan Stevens, 2017, Emma Watson and Adam. Department of Justice, DOJ, announced today that it has reached a settlement agreement with Microsoft Corporation to end a criminal investigation into a conspiracy against the free and open Internet. 7 billion to resolve the charges and to change its business practices in the United States and throughout the world. At long last the DOJ has stopped treating American companies as the enemy for selling and using products and providing services as we have come to know them, said Deputy Attorney General James Cole. It is the best possible end result for American businesses, their employees, and the Internet as we used to know it. Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, has made substantial investments in creating and supporting Internet-based services over the last several decades, including Windows, Office, and other product offerings, and for many years the company and its chief competitors, IBM and Apple Computer, have been engaged in an ongoing global conspiracy to fix prices and impede competition in the computer operating system market. We are pleased that the DOJ has finally brought this conspiracy to an end, said Michael M. Dell, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation. For more than 30 years, Microsoft has been a valuable part of the Internet ecosystem for consumers and for technology innovators. We are pleased to be working with the government on its ongoing efforts to encourage competition. Attorneys Office in San Francisco, which was leading the criminal investigation, will be dismissing the case against Microsoft and its affiliates. The Justice Departments antitrust division, the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission also played a role in this matter. Assistance was provided by the United States District Attorneys in San Francisco and Sacramento, California, who prosecuted the case. Assistance was also provided by the Division of Intellectual Property and the Department of Justice Patent and Trademark Office. The charges in this case are the result of an extensive six-year investigation by the Antitrust Divisions San Francisco office and the FBI into a multi-year conspiracy involving Microsofts conduct to fix prices for the Microsoft Windows operating system and to injure other major computer manufacturers using the operating system in the process.

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