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Ive been playing the original for hours and have been watching the remake every night. Now, I need to go and go get you the album because youre the one who should be listening to it. Love,Your HusbandYou see a beautiful woman, naked except for high heels that are probably a lot sturdier than them, walk into the bedroom. You feel like youre in a romance novel and have been staring at her chest for hours. She stands in the doorway wearing a tight red dress that accentuates her curves and is completely immaculate. Her skin is a beautiful shade of porcelain and she glows in the light of the bedroom. A low voice from the other side of the doorway asks if this is your wife. You No, this is just a friendNo, this is just a friend, a very attractive friend indeed. I recognize you, She says with a friendly smile, then steps backwards towards the door. You grab my arm, but her hand quickly reaches around and grabs yours. You look for something on your phoneTurning your phone around in your hand, you find your usual way of contacting people, but you hear your name called out from where you left it and give a cheerful Hello. Your phone rings, and you pick it up. The voice sounds like its coming from behind a locked door. And no, I dont think this is my wife, you answer. Youll see her in a second, but for now can you answer a question. Okay, Nathalie, you know how to keep in touch with friends. You hang up and feel a little weird.

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