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The unhappy war of love and war is about to come to, and as usual something will go wrong. Repeat chorus, You go out and find him. You head to the nearest tavern, a rather drab affair, but the best place to watch the action unfold. A large, red-haired woman sitting at a table has her back turned to you, so you pretend youd like to talk to her. You tell her that youre waiting for someone to join you. Ive been sitting here for forty-five minutes. You nod to the waitress as she returns with your drink. You ask her to tell the man with the dog that they can get something to eat or drink if they want. You watch the pair of them walk off towards a different street before you realize youve spent too long chatting with her. You go over to the bar and order a drink, and begin to watch. At first the man walks to the back of the pub, but as Amanda mentions that someone has arrived, you notice him approaching the front, where you think hes going to sit and talk with you. I was really hoping youd be joining me, but its been a while since Ive seen you, you know. Yes, I realize that, but as I was mentioning, I was sitting here for 45 minutes, thats quite a while. I dont know, but Im sure you will too when theyre sitting across from each other. Well I suppose thats good news, they can sit here for awhile. Ill be happy to join you if youd like. The girl walks off, while the other man sits down at the table. The waitress comes back back and brings your drink, which Amanda places in front of you. Just remember, youre not allowed to speak unless one of you speaks first. You nod, and place the mug in front of you in front of Amanda, before sipping from it. Theres only so many times a day you can drink this stuff. Youre a little surprised that Amanda would go to such lengths for someone like you, but youre not the smartest person.

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