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Do you know how many other people Im going to buy these from. Ill wear them all the way up to my calves. If you wont buy them from me, Im going to buy them myself. Heels are the best, and Im going to need your help. Look, I want to be with you every bit as much now as I love you later. I mean if I let you do what you want to me, what kind of wife am I gonna be.

In fact, we even have Disney Papersheets from our other Disney Hobbits shoes shops. You have a look at the pair of beautiful, but expensive, Disney heels that Belle has brought over to you. This is the latest style; its a bit more of a modern classic than the previous versions, and you also like that its made of fine Italian leather rather than the usual cotton. Its pretty expensive, but it will look even more lovely with Belle herself by your side. This particular pair of shoes is made to order by a shop called Beauty and the Beast. It is a brand that you dont have a favorite brand by, as you prefer to shop among multiple brands with varying tastes. Of course, youre quite fond of some of their other styles, so youll have to try their latest and the last one. You Beauty and the BeastYouve never actually been to the Beasts castle, but your own home is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world, and its also one of the few places you go visit on a regular basis. Since Belle brought you the shoes, you go to your room to try them on first. The heels are indeed the newest style and much finer than the others you have tried, but theyre still not quite as high-end as Belles own shoes. In fact, theyre not quite as high-end as anything youve ever owned. You try them on and theyre a bit tight on your legs, though you can work with them. Belles hair is as flawless as Belles face and her skin is as smooth as Belles figure. Its clear that Belle has never been anywhere other than in a fairy-tale before. You wish there were more like her. This is her first real adventure, and shes clearly going to have to grow into it. This is the first time its really been a reality instead of a dream. Now she is going to have to deal with the results of her actions and shes going to need you by her side if she wants to succeed in everything she decides to do. You go back to your room to think about what to wear.

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