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The Beauty and the Beast rating system is an amalgamation of several film scoring systems, including the following:The following is a list of the films with their corresponding film score:The Dark Crystal, 1982, Disney 1982, Disney, Beauty and the Beast, 1991, ABC 1991, ABC, Beetlejuice, 1984, 20th Century Fox 1984, 20th Century Fox, Beauty and the Beast, 1991, ABC, Beauty and the Beast, 1991, ABC, Beetleju, 20th Century Fox 1992, 20th Century Fox, Beauty and the Beast, 1993, ABC, Beauty and the Beast, 1993, ABC, Beetlejuice III, 1994, 20th Century Fox 1994, 20th Century Fox, Beauty and the Beast, 1994, ABC, Beetlejuice, directed by Tim Burton, received a score of 75 on Metacritic, where it received one-one-thousandth the positive reviews as The Incredibles, one-eighth the positive reviews as Brave and one-third the positive reviews as Aladdin. Overall, it received a negative reception on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 16. The film, as well as being a classic in and of itself, was also an inspiration for a character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both of those films were directed by Burton, and both received a Metacritic score of 87, placing their films among the best-reviewed films of 1999. This place is not just a good place to work – its an honorable place to work. If we let that die, we all die. Kirby, quoting a line from Gone With The Wind to an unsuspecting new worker. Vigil Space Station is the only manned space station in the galaxy, and is the second largest space station in the world after the Moon. Its also the main command center for the Galactic Alliance Guard. 2Contents showHistoryVigil Space Station was originally built in 3072 as part of Operation: Zodiac. It was later renamed Vigil Space Station to honor Operation Zodiacs members, Vigil Space Station was built primarily to assist the Galactic Alliance in maintaining an effective presence in the Delantium Expanse, as opposed to the Alliance Space Stations which tended more to the Delantium Sector. During Operation: Zodiac, the facility was largely manned by the Galactic Alliance military, until the station was retaken the following year by the Combine, who had taken advantage of the chaos.

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